Why Invest in a Septic System Inspection?

If you’re house hunting in the Cleveland, OH area, chances are you’re prepared to have a home that relies on a septic system. It’s wise to hire an inspector to conduct a pre-sale inspection when buying any home, and while your inspector may be able to identify some surface issues, it’s important to know that inspectors generally don’t look deep inside the septic system to constitute thorough inspection. Therefore, you will want to invest in a complete septic system inspection. Let’s consider a few reasons why.

#1 - Septic Problems Can Be Hidden

Septic components are underground, so identifying and locating any potential problems that could be lurking below becomes much more complicated. Some issues that require attention include a tank with a slow leak, damaged septic pipes, or tree roots that have obstructed septic lines. Most systems with minor issues are still able to function for months or perhaps even years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. At some point, these problems will worsen to the point where you’ll come home to a messy backup. A proper inspection performed by a septic professional will easily reveal any issues that need repair before you move into your new home.

#2 - The Cost of Septic Systems

Even the most well-maintained septic systems will eventually have to be replaced. Replacing an entire system involves removing the old tank and installing new components such as the drain field, distribution box, mound system, and sewer lines. A new system can cost upwards of $20,000. This is an expense you will want to prepare for and not be slammed with unexpectedly. 

#3 - Repair Negotiations

They say knowledge is power, and that is very true in the world of owning a septic tank. When you have a septic system performed that reveals issues, you also have the opportunity to negotiate repairs or replacements with the seller. This includes completing repairs as part of your contract with them or possibly even reducing the price of the home to accommodate repair costs. This puts the ball in your court instead of having to make a desperate decision when something breaks or fails.

At Tim Frank Septic Cleaning Company, our skilled team of trained professionals are certified by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians to conduct thorough inspections on your septic systems before you purchase your home to make you aware of any unwanted surprises. Read more about this service here