Electric Sewer Cleaning

At Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. our skilled team of trained professionals knows how to keep your sewer lines flowing. They’ll get the job done right, every time. Technicians employ reliably powerful electric drain snakes to unclog heavy root masses and other blockages from septic and sewer lines. 

What Is Electric Sewer Cleaning?

In the case that water jetting isn’t the best tool for the job, electric sewer cleaning can forcefully break up large tree roots that are blocking sewer flow. This motorized version consists of a flexible steel cable fitted with an attachment that spins at high speed to eradicate any blockage in its path. Electric sewer cleaning can rip and tear through clogs that are too tough for other clog removal methods, cleaning as it goes. This technique is especially useful to safely and effectively navigate through tight spots like joints and angles and can clear blockages up to 200 feet away from the cleanout or access point.

The motorized plumber’s snake that our experts use has interchangeable tips that allow for precise cutting and mass removal. While we typically clear clogs and debris from wider, external pipes, our technicians can also access narrower sink and bathtub drains using smaller snake models. We can also clear frozen drain and sewer lines, laundry drains, downspouts, storm drains, leach lines, grease line drains, agricultural drains, and car wash drains. For our customers’ convenience, our service truck is equipped with a generator in the case that electricity is not available near the sewer line cleanout or access point.

Why Electric Sewer Cleaning Is Important

Whether at home or in a commercial setting, we are all likely to encounter clogged sewer or drain lines from time to time. When water jetting cannot cut through blockages resulting from aggressive tree roots, deposits and debris, or items that are improperly disposed of, or if access to the area is limited, a mechanized plumber’s snake is the best option.

If these sewer and drain clogs and blockages are left alone, they can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system. Lines can back up through the home, business, or other commercial property causing internal and structural damage and bringing unsanitary conditions. They can also threaten the integrity of your drain and sewer lines and create serious damage that requires costly repairs.

When to Use Electric Sewer Cleaning

Handling sewer and drain clogs at the first sign of an issue is the best approach and ensures that you avoid unnecessary damage and cost. If you’re noticing lingering foul odors, gurgling or bubbling, and if drains are slow to clear, those are your first warning signs to take note of. Sinkholes could be evidence of a seriously compromised sewer line, resulting from thirsty tree roots prying the pipe open and allowing water or sewage to escape. 

Homeowners and property owners might be tempted to use harsh chemicals to clear supposed blockages, but any results will only be temporary at best. Instead of dispensing toxins into drains without addressing the real issue, why not get an experts’ eyes on the situation. While tree roots are a common culprit, lodged objects, extreme temperatures, shifting ground, improper installation, and general deterioration can also cause clogs and pipe breakage. Tim Frank Septic technicians can diagnose and treat badly clogged drains and sewer lines, and are prepared to use electric drain cleaning methods to get lines flowing again.

Call on the Experts

If septic or sewer drains are slow or clogged and you can’t identify the source, you can rely on Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. to get things flowing. Our skilled team has a collective 52 years of experience and technicians are trained and qualified to operate electric sewer cleaning equipment. We are proud to be your local septic system experts and are happy to serve our community. Professionalism is at the heart of everything we do. Get in touch with our office to further discuss electric sewer cleaning and to investigate service options. We look forward to hearing from you – give us a call today!

  • Electric sewer cleaning by Tim Frank Septic

  • Electric sewer cleaning by Tim Frank Septic

  • Electric sewer cleaning by Tim Frank Septic