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Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. has a broad range of services to fit your needs. Whether you are a business owner and are looking to remove non-hazardous oily waste, or a homeowner who wants to be sure that your septic system is well-maintained, we can help. We also offer annual services to keep lines running smoothly, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems. And if your aging septic system is in need of renovation or repairs, we can handle that too.

As sewage treatment specialists, our trained technicians can also use their expertise along with an array of technology-based and traditional tools to isolate the source of your sewage problems. Our team can then clear clogs and restore your system to a healthy, functioning state. 

Check out our services in more detail by following the links below. If you would like to discuss your septic situation and receive a quote, please give us a call or submit an online request form.