Video Camera Inspection Services

Our skilled team at Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. consists of trained professionals with extensive experience on both pinpointing and resolving sewer line issues. They know how to keep your system flowing with the right tools and know-how. In our technicians’ hands a video camera inspection becomes a precision tool to help discover and advise on a solution for even the worst sewer line problems. Instead of resorting to excavation, call in Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. to run a thorough video camera inspection. Our sophisticated, waterproof equipment allows for a quick diagnosis with minimal upset to your property.

What is Video Camera Inspection Service?

While sewer lines are best kept out of sight, that makes it tricky to evaluate issues and uncover solutions. This is where our video camera inspection services are invaluable. Inspection rods are outfitted with an LED light source, transmitter, and a high-definition video camera tip. Trained technicians can then direct the inspection tool through pipes large and small and even around bends to find the source of your plumbing woes. These inspections often uncover severe buildup, help to pinpoint tree root intrusion, show broken or corroded sections of pipe, and detect potential weak areas. For clogged lines, cleaning or jetting is usually required prior to video inspection.

Because technicians can see below the ground in real time they can precisely locate areas that are in need of repair or areas of concern.  They will then mark the area above ground and consult with you on the best way to proceed. A video can be provided via usb stick to you upon request at time of service.

Why Video Camera Inspection Service Is Important

Getting eyes on your sewer plumbing issues is vital to knowing what’s at stake and how to proceed. Video camera inspections make that possible without tearing up your yard, landscaping, and property. The immediate nature of this service means that you can address a situation before it becomes a serious threat to your family’s comfort and welfare. And the live video feed allows technicians to note areas of concern in real-time. 

Video camera inspections are relatively quick to perform and can provide you with a direct solution to lingering issues. We can easily determine what a clog is composed of, or why breaks have occurred. Soil compaction and shifting, deteriorated seals, and construction damage aren’t apparent from ground level. This service takes the guesswork out of repairs. And a video camera inspection often reduces needed permits, streamlining the entire experience.

When To Use Video Camera Inspection Service

If you are experiencing repeated sewer backups, clogged pipes, and slow drains, they’re more than just an inconvenience – they could put your home and property in real danger. Anything unusual, from excessive drain gurgling, to pooling water, foul odors, or even a lost piece of jewelry is a reason for video camera inspection. If you’re planning a major remodel in a bathroom or kitchen we can ensure that the current sewer system is in good shape and can handle increased flow. Whatever the case, opting for a video camera inspection is a non-invasive, accurate, and cost-efficient way to find and assess common sewer problems, prevent future emergencies, and conduct a routine inspection to ensure that things are in working order.

You can also lean on our video camera inspection service prior to purchasing a home. If the home is older and underground pipes aren’t included in the routine inspection, avoid unwanted repairs by getting our trained eyes on the system. If you’ve already purchased the home but suspect a problem, we can investigate with minimal intrusion. Rather than trying DIY approaches to recurring clogs, take advantage of our video camera inspection service to get a clear view of the problem and find actionable solutions.

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