Annual Aeration Inspection / Service Agreements

The skilled team at Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. includes trained professionals who have extensive experience servicing aerobic septic systems. Whatever the need, our technicians can apply their expertise. One of the many vital services we offer is annual inspection of the aeration system, along with optional service agreements to ensure that your system remains healthy and working well. Make your time and resources count with regular service from Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co.

What Is Aeration Inspection?

There are two common ways to treat wastewater from homes: septic and aerobic systems. The main difference is that in aerobic systems, air – and therefore oxygen – is added into the contents of the tank through a piping network and diffuser or directly from an aeration motor with a shaft that hangs in the aeration tank. These systems also can also have more compartments than a solitary septic tank, first filtering out solids and then sending the effluent water along for additional processing. Using oxygenated water allows helpful oxygen-hungry bacteria to quickly break down waste and further clean the remaining water. 

Because there are more moving parts involved than with a basic septic tank, an annual inspection is vital to your system especially if it is not on a service agreement and being looked at twice a year. This yearly check is highly recommended to check and monitor the components of the aeration system.  Aerators, pumps, filters, UV lights all need to be working correctly to clean up the water before it discharges from your system and enters the environment.  

Why Is Annual Aeration Inspection Important?

Unlike a traditional septic tank that relies on an anaerobic processing method, simply allowing waste to settle and overflow effluent water to filter through a leach field or other filtration method, an aeration-based system employs mechanical components that require annual or bi-annual maintenance. The individual parts are exposed to a hostile environment and will need regular cleaning and care to ensure proper operation. Should the system be neglected and parts fail,  you could end up dealing with a small-scale disaster as sewage backs up or otherwise overwhelms your property.

It’s also key to remember that the treated water leaving your aerobic septic system becomes part of the ground water in your community. Yearly maintenance helps to ensure that the bacteria present in the tank can operate efficiently and do its best to clean wastewater before it leaves the system and is disposed of openly in the surrounding environment.

When to Use Aeration Inspection Services

You’re not likely to notice an issue with your aerobic septic system unless a major problem ensues. Yearly inspection allows Tim Frank Septic specialists to get their professional eyes on your system regularly. They can then determine any necessary repairs, component replacements, or adjustments that should be made, well before parts fail or the system threatens to malfunction. 

For homes in Northeast Ohio that have a small plot or our area’s poor soils or seasonable high water table, an aerobic septic system is often the only option for managing your household’s waste water. Wastewater that is processed by an aeration systems is often cleaner and so doesn’t require a large leach field and is safe even when dealing with slow-draining soil or a higher water table. But the best way to ensure that your system supports your household for years to come is to plan on annual inspections. This is the first step to maintaining a healthy septic system. The  next step is to opt for our thorough service agreement which enables us to do routine maintenance on different components of the system. Either way, we can provide what you need to keep your septic system running smoothly.

If you have any questions about our annual inspections or our service agreement, please give us a call to see if we can service your brand of aeration system. You can rely on the experts at Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. for everything related to your home’s septic system. Reach out today to learn more about our comprehensive services and to schedule an appointment.

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