Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely


Follow these times to avoid clogged drains throughout your home.

Kitchen Sink

  • When using a garbage disposal, always keep cold water running while it is turned on and leave the water running a few minutes after it is turned off to avoid clogged drains.  If you have a septic system, using a garbage disposal is not recommended.
  • Keep strainers in the sink to catch all of the food particles from going down the drain.
  • Never pour grease down the drain. Rather, keep cans or jars and dispose of the grease in them. Once it hardens, throw it in the garbage.

hairBathroom Sink

  • Wipe hair out of sinks and don’t allow it to go down the drain.
  • Remove the sink stoppers and clean hair and debris that have fallen down the sink, this will help prevent it from getting into the pipes.


  • Only flush toilet paper.  Even if a package says “flushable”, do not flush wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products or anything other than toilet paper.


  • My toilet seems to be really clogged up pretty far down the pipes because nothing I do will fix it. I appreciate you explaining that even if the packaging says flushable on some wipes it’s probably not a good idea to send those things down the drain because they don’t break up easily. I’ll try to get a plumber out here that can fix this for me and clean out the rest of my drains while they are here.
    - Trevor Hall
  • I like how you said that you should not use a garbage disposal if you have a septic system. My wife and I are getting a new sink and we were wondering what we should know before using the garbage disposal. I’ll let her know that we shouldn’t use our garbage disposal since we have a septic system.
    - Devin Scott
  • Thanks for pointing out that you should keep strainers in the sink to catch all of the food particles from going down the drain. I have noticed that my kitchen sink has been clogging a lot lately and no matter how many times I clear the clog it comes back. I think that it would be smart to have a professional come and fix it and to sign up for a regular drain maintenance schedule on top of getting a food strainer to help keep my drains clear.
    - Michaela Hemsley
  • Thanks for the tip to never throw grease down the drain. We may or may not have made that mistake a few times, and now our drain is blocked. We’re hoping to get it fixed soon so that we can go back to using it.
    - Johnny McCarron
  • Thanks for the tips on how to keep your drains flowing freely. I recently noticed that my kitchen drain has been draining really slow lately. I think that it might be time to get some drain cleaning done, but I’ll have to remember these tips to help prevent clogs in the future.
    - steele honda
  • I found it interesting how you mentioned how you shouldn’t flush wipes whatsoever, even if a package says flushable. My wife makes sure to get flushable makeup removers due to the convenience, but they always end up clogging our systems anyways. I will be sure to pass on this message to see if we can avoid clogs in the future!
    - Ethan Hansen

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