Is Your Septic System Going To The Dogs?

We are all aware of how dogs can be trained to detect certain substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, wildlife scat, or blood. Sniffer dogs have even been enlisted to find bumblebee nests! Here’s a new one though: the use of bacteria-sniffing dogs to detect contamination sources of human sewage in the creeks. The City of Kirkland Public Works Department in Washington State has ‘hired’ two dogs from Environmental Canine Services, Inc. These dogs are Molly, a Border collie, and Crush, an Australian cattle dog.

Apparently Kirkland’s Juanita Creek and Seattle’s Thornton Creek have been found to contain bacterial contamination which can find its way to nearby beaches. After 60 years of ongoing efforts to improve water quality and minimize exposure to pathogenic disease, they have enlisted a couple of trained experts to solve the problem once and for all. This amazing pair communicate to their handlers if they have detected human bacteria by either barking or sitting down.

Sources of human waste found in the local creek could be due to leaking septic tanks or improper connection of sanitary sewers. Molly and Crush will use their scent tracking skills to help pinpoint sources.

What would you do if a public works official knocked on your door with the nasty news that their canine team had led them to your septic system as a source of contamination to the local beach? How devastating and embarrassing, not to mention costly!

Most people do not want to be part of a problem, but rather to be part of the solution. Regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance of your system is essential in order to remain in the latter category. By getting on a scheduled maintenance plan, you can be certain your septic  system is operating efficiently. This will help you avoid the high costs of repair or replacement which can result from neglect.

How long has it been since you have had your septic tank cleaned or checked for possible repairs? Maybe it’s time to call us for an appointment!