How To Know If You Have A Septic Tank Problem

You should not have a septic tank problem if you perform proper maintenance, but eventually all systems fail.

When stuff oozes in the drain field, you know you are in trouble!


Eventually, the soil in a drain field will no longer be able to accept the effluent water from the septic tank, and organic material begins to solidify in the soil instead of remaining liquid as it should. This is a failure that should occur at the end of a septic system’s life.

However, if a system is not properly maintained by regular pumping, solids will find their way from the tank into the secondary treatment much earlier.


You will generally know if you are having a septic problem. Signs include:

  • Wastewater could back up from the septic tank into the house.
  • Gurgling in the toilets and drains could be an indicator that the septic tank is overfull.
  • Bleeding of effluent water over your secondary treatment area means that there is a problem.

Give us a call, and we can help determine if the system is repairable. Just because a system is showing a sign of failure does not necessarily mean you need a new system. A lot of times repairs can be done to renovate the secondary treatment area so it will begin to accept water again.