Don’t Flush Wipes

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It’s pretty simple…. number one, number two, and toilet paper should be the only things flushed down the toilet.  

Wet wipes, baby wipes, flushable wipes can all technically be flushed. They may even make it through the toilet and make their way to the septic tank.  But now those “flushable wipes” can get stuck in the toilet and or create a clogged drain as they build up over time.  

Toilet paper when wet, falls apart and with time disintegrates.  Toilet paper is made to dissolve so that it won’t clog your drains.  Wipes are designed to be durable and not made to dissolve, even when wet and over time, they do not fall apart or break down.  

Since wet wipes don’t disintegrate, they can become clogged up in the toilet, sewer line and at the inlet of the septic tank.  When they do make it to the tank they never break down or disintegrate like toilet paper.  Therefore, wipes build up in the tank and can cause backups and the need for pumping more frequently.  Additional charges can occur for removing wipes from the septic tank. 

If you make the choice to use wipes, make the responsible choice to throw them in the garbage. 

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