Check Your Septic Tank Lids

Septic tanks require consistent maintenance and upkeep in order to make them as safe as possible. Although it may not seem like it, improperly cared for septic tanks can pose a serious health risk for anyone that exists around them. The hazard of the unsecured septic tank lid leads to many more accidents than it should.


Every year there are numerous incidents where animals, children and even adults have fallen into a septic tank. This is due to the tank not being properly secured. Although it is not uncommon for this experience to simply lead to a shaken up individual, there have been cases of extreme injury and even death. More often than not, this problem could have been avoided by the proper upkeep of the septic tanks.

Septic tank lids are the main aspect of the systems that must always be kept secured and closed. In nearly all cases involving people falling into tanks, it was because a lid was either non-existent or too old. Septic tank systems will cause health hazards, such as contaminated drinking water. However, the lid always presents the most immediate danger. Because of this, you should check the status of your septic tank lid at least twice a year. It is important to ensure it is in working condition.

In 2015, two toddlers have already passed away due to accidents involving improperly cared for septic tanks. These events need to be made known to the public at large. A useful dialogue and awareness surrounding septic tank upkeep needs to be had. These incidents might have been avoided if the danger surrounding septic tanks was realized.


Pumpers and other professionals must also work their hardest toward increasing public awareness. Aside from performing quality inspection services, pumpers should take the time to sit down with clients and homeowners to discuss what they should know about septic tank systems. This time can be spent doing a number of things, such as making them aware of warning signs of a potentially dysfunctional system.

A new septic tank lid, or even simple maintenance on an already existing one, is a responsible investment for home and business owners. They are in no way exuberant in their costs and could save lives. In order to avoid unnecessary future tragedies, we must start making both ourselves and others aware of the dangers surrounding unkempt septic tank systems.