Geauga County Health Department Septic System Inspection Preparation

At Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. our skilled team of trained professionals know how to keep your septic systems functioning properly. They’ll get the job done right, every time. Technicians can also help you with any preparations needed prior to a country inspection of your septic system. After a thorough once-over we can make sure that your system is in working order or advise you of problem areas. 

What Is Septic System Inspection Preparation?

In Geauga County, the health department assigns a registered sanitarian to handle septic inspections for homes that are being sold. The For Sale of Property Regulations protect future homeowners from known sewer and septic issues. But before officials will do an inspection, they require that all the lids are exposed. The technicians at Tim Frank Septic Cleaning Co. are happy to assist in exposing the components. Oftentimes we find red flags indicating areas that need repair or maintenance and that would likely fail the county’s inspection. The Geauga County health department requires they have a map or diagram of your septic system on file before they will inspect it.  If they do not have one on file, our technicians can prepare one for you as required.  

Why Septic System Inspection Preparation Is Important

Whether a homeowner knows of a system issue or not, saddling the next owners with the possibly expensive task of repair or replacement isn’t in anyone’s best interest. The county has a stake in the situation as well, as some septic system failures can threaten community waterways or potable water sources. For these reasons a septic system must be functioning properly or brought up to code at the time of sale. If you choose to sell your home as is, the new owners would then be responsible for the septic system inspection.

Since this sale-related inspection in Geauga County is mandatory, it’s a great time for the soon-to-be previous owners to ensure a clean handoff. Working with Tim Frank Septic Cleaning Co. makes the process easy, ensuring that the site is prepared for the county inspector and also informing the homeowner of any potential problem areas. This gives a property owner time to make repairs or begin the process of replacing the septic system if the system is in failure and cannot be repaired.   

In the end, the For Sale of Property Regulations are there to protect home buyers and the community at large from failures in private sewage systems. And we are here to help make the process a smooth one.

Call on the Experts

If you are selling a property that includes a septic system and need help with preparations for your county inspection, or if you need to order system plans, you can rely on Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. to keep the process moving. We are Registered Installers for Household Sewage Treatment Systems with the Geauga Public Health Department and our skilled team has years of experience––we can help you make sure that everything is in working order and ready for an official inspection.

At Tim Frank Septic Cleaning Co. we are proud to be your local septic system experts and are happy to serve our community. Professionalism is at the heart of everything we do. Get in touch with our office to further discuss septic system inspection preparation and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you – give us a call today!